The first action to raise funds for our project has started. To enable the children to play freely and safe outdoors, we want to start building a fence that surrounds the estate this September.

Saturday 11 April 2015 was a terrible night: Juanjo escaped the yard at around 8 p.m. He is always keen on adventure and because of the building activities at the main house the height of a fence around the yard was changed unnoticed. Suddenly he was able to climb over the fence. Without guidance he loses his way and continues to keep on walking.

Fortunately help was offered quickly by the Guardia Civil, the firemen from Cadiar, the vigilante, the local police of Orgiva, park Rangers and friends and neighbors from Cerro Negro and Orgiva. After an almost 5-hour search they found him at a farmyard nearby, luckily healthy and still enjoying his adventure.

To have Juanjo and others, who will use this facility, not run the same risk in the future and to enable their family quality relaxation, we want to enclose the whole area (6 hectare).

It is a difficult and costly job, that’s why we have divided the site into 3 pieces.

For the first part we need 720 meters fence. Including all costs: labor, fence, cement, posts, screws; the price is € 25,- per meter.

Would you help us realize the action: “play safely outside”?

Please donate 1 or more meters of fencing (at € 25, p/m) by mentioning the action: “play safely outside”

“Proyecto ESTÁ”

Bankaccount ” La CAIXA” ;  2100 2505 0102 1010 9994 ES42

Many many thanks!