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Autism is a developmental disorder. This means that the entire development is affected from childhood. The condition is present from birth. In general, the first recognizable symptoms can show around the age of 2.

There are three areas in which people with autism often experience problems:

  • social behavior: problems with social skills and understanding of the own emotions and/or those of others.
  • mental rigidity and behaviors: repeating stereotyped patterns of behavior and finding it hard to adapt to changes in the surroundings.
  • communication and language: trouble with the acquisition of language and the practical application of what is learned.

There is spoken of autism as a spectrum because the involvement of each of these three areas is different for each person. Hence the term autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In most cases (between 50% and 75%) autism goes hand in hand with intellectual disabilities.

All this can submerge a person with autism in a chaotic, difficult to understand world. Not being able to oversee the whole causes adjustment problems, anxiety, etc. This often means a significant drop in the experienced quality of life.

Therefore, these people need specialized care, which works by using several specific methodologies. This can help to support them and to gain access to the same opportunities, enjoying an integrated life in the community, worthy and with quality as those of any person.

Proyecto ESTÁ loves to give this support to the child with autism, but also to his or her family. Especially exchanging tips and experiences with our specialists, other parents, brothers and sisters during the holidays/ESTÁ-weeks deliver a positive contribution. Here, daily recurring problems can be approached in a different way than at home.

Also persons with autism and/or intellectual disabilities of our Day Care Centre are involved during the program, receiving the necessary support they need. They perform their tasks as independently as possible, whereby they are a full member of our team.