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Paulina Klein Schiphorst

Since 2001 I live in Órgiva (Granada). I foster a child with autism and intellectual disability. I took the decision to foster this child  because I worked in an educational day centre for these children in the Netherlands and I loved it. During weekends, I also took care of a child with multiple disabilities to give its family a rest. I did everything with love and had lots of joy, so here in Spain I also want to help children with intellectual disabilities. In 2007 I found my “niño the corazón” (sweetheart) through “ALDAIMA” (Andalusian Society for adopting children). I am very glad that I have met many wonderful people, full of love, enthusiasm and professionalism, who will help to shape our Proyecto Está.

Jose Antonio Hidalgo Carrilo

I am technical architect and surveyor and I currently run an architectural firm in Orgiva. I know Paulina since 2001. During this period we have worked together on several projects. This long association resulted in a great friendship. So when Paulina told me about her idea to start this project I didn’t hesitate a second to participate in this amazing idea. The project Ésta will provide additional quality of life for both children and their families who can spend a period with us. A completely new initiative in our surroundings! I would also like to say that all participants involved in the development of this project, support this wonderful plan without excepting anything in return. We don’t need appreciation or recognition and I know everyone who works on this project thinks the same. It is all about helping Paulina launch this initiative. There is still a long way to go, to overcome difficulties and setbacks, but it’s really worth it. Good luck and thanks for letting me be part of this project that ultimately will be one big family.


Isabel Ramiro

I’m a child psychologis, teacher special education and foster mother of a child with Tourette’s syndrome, attention deficit disorder and mental handicap, which happens to be the biological brother of the foster child of Paulina. This makes that our families are linked by the love for our children and by the fact that we both took the same beautiful, satisfying but difficult decision to foster a child with a disability in to our homes. From the beginning, I am involved in the project where children and young people with intellectual disability/Autism are attended in a healthy, free and creative environment …. The dream to create a space where they can stay, or in some cases even grow up, with respect for the person and where the importance of happiness is paramount, both for the participants, tutors and volunteers. The idea that the family is fully involved in the project, both to take a breath as support, makes me happy, but also that there is a place for children that, just as our foster children, cannot live with their family. Together we worked on the first concept, the purpose and the goal, always assuming Paulina ´ s dream. I helped with the language and with my professional knowledge and sharing her dream. And with all this Paulina began her journey and met great people who helped her to start up the Association. Thank you for being here in whatever way and thanks to all who are still to come. Welcome!! Speaking for me and my foster son, who may one day, if I am no longer around, not only need a home, but also the love of all who deal with the Association ESTÁ. Thanks! Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of this project?

Rocio Poveda Perez

I’m a graduate kindergarten companion.  I know Paulina from the moment she and her husband arrived in Spain and their foster child from the first day het joined their family years ago. And all this time I shared and enjoyed with them, I learned to be aware of many things, including Paulina´s strength and dream to start such a special project for both her foster child as other children, just thinking of his future.  And nowadays he is the one teaching me to look at life in a different way. That’s why I want to help: offering him of a better world.

Gustavo and Teba

We are Teba and Gustavo, two expert psychologists in autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities with several years of experience with this group of people. At the end of 2014, we temporarily moved from Madrid to the Alpujarras in Granada to enjoy and dedicate ourselves to our two daughters: Indira and Azul. There we met Paulina and Juanjo, and her idea to create a centre for people with autism and their families in a special environment. After we got to know this interesting project, we never hesitated to start working with them.


20140520_155049 - kopieMinette Klein Schiphorst

I am working as interior and graphic designer. I live in the Netherlands but can still help Association “Proyecto ESTÁ” from a distance by designing logos and the newsletter.But is also great to contribute to interior decoration of the cortijo.


Ruud Legdeur

In daily life I am a piano tuner and musician. In a personal quest for the meaning of life, Proyecto ESTÁ was my starting point and I could experience how Paulina is recreating this wonderful project. This has set me in motion to start music accompaniment for autistic children. From the Netherlands I can help by the technical support of the website  and everything related. And now and than I visit Proyecto ESTÁ in Orgivá to help the people and the project itself.

Elena en Amaya

We are two girlfriends and world travelers. We met with the Proyecto ESTÁ during a visit to the beautiful Alpujarras. From the first moment we felt it was a great idea. As well as the courage and bravery of founder Paulina. She committed herself to this beautiful project that will give support and joy to many autistic children like Juanjo and to their families. It will be a nice experience for all, children, families, employees of the project. That is why we do not want to miss this opportunity and contribute to different tasks, such as legal and bureaucratic procedures, website and other things. We are very happy with the experience and have much energy left to to continue to contribute.


Debbie, Ronald, Ramon and Kristel
We visit Paulien in the summer holidays and are always surprised at how much has changed on the domain. Always moving onwards to the wishes and needs of Proyecto ESTÁ. Now the time has finally come and the Association can start. Everyone feels welcome and enjoys the positivity and energy of Paulina.  Our son (17 years) and two of his friends, have been on working at the cortijo during their holiday. In the morning doing odd jobs and then enjoy the swimming pool and the beautiful surroundings. They had a great time and contributed to this very special initiative.

pap 166

Gonny & Wim Parents of Paulien
We have seen the ideal of Paulien grow for more than 20 years. And her enthusiasm and commitment to achieve this ideal. It is self-evident that we fully support her plans that already have been realized to a large extent and that we have seen during our recent visit. We will where ever possible, also in the future, give and continue to provide support. We are proud of what she has already accomplished.

Laura en Jesse Verboom

Laura studied to become pedagogue and is an Aware Parenting Instructor (www.awareparenting.com). Jesse is a psychologist. Together we have 3 kids. We offer support to families, couples and individuals (www.varapy.com). In 2013 we met Juanjo and Paulina. With her intense enthusiasm she shared with us her vision for Juanjo’s future and the ideas for Proyecto ESTÁ. From that moment on we looked forward to work together in some way. In 2015 we became neighbours en our collaboration started to take shape. Since 2016 we are involved in the personal support of Juanjo and Paulina and member of the Proyecto ESTÁ team.