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*Fencing of a part of the field

* a henhouse

* a trampoline

* a mountain of wheels to climb on

* a swing bed

* painting the apartments

* cleaning of the land

* a raster of cane near the pool

*cheerfull art

*”Safari” tent

Many thanks to; Ada and Maarten, Adrian, Amanda and Wes, Amaya, Anneke and Bert, Annemiek, Annie, Arsenio, Aurora, Bay, batucada “Espiritu Santuka”, Beata and Wojtek, Begonia, Bethlehem, Carmen and Leo, Cees and Rina, Conny and Erik, Cyp and Loes, Debbie and Ronald, Dick and Jeanette, Elena, Eveline and Tristan, Felix, Fernando, Ger and Fred, Gerda, Gonny and Wim, Gustavo and Teba, have and EIT Hanne, Hannes, Henk and Mary, Ineke, Isa, Jesse and Laura, Jonnie and René, Jordi, José Antonio, Jose, Karin, Kinga and Kuba, Kitty, Lars, Liesbeth, Loek, Lola, Lurdes, Maikel, Manuel, Margreet, Mª Angeles, JH, Marian, Mariana, Mariette, Marijke and Martin, Marja, Mateusz, Meg, Mercedes, Michael, Minette and Thomas, Monique, Nadine, Natalie, Nico, Paula, Pedro and his theatre of puppets, Peter and Susan Pilar, Piotr, Rafa, Ramon, Rocio, Ruud, Ruud, Salva, Sanne, Sonia, Tobias, Ulrike, Wil in Xan, Willow,… still are growing. We have also received much support from businesses, stores and organizations, they have given us donations, discounts and advertising thanks!

Orgiva; Architecture Hidalgo, Association of women Orgiva, Orgiva, La Caixa, hardware Juan Jose Martin Girela, hardware and electricity Orgiva, plumbing Francisco E. Martin Vilchez, herbalist “Alacena”, library Athena, furniture Alpujarra, Radio Alpujarras, be-lives in network, workshop Jorge, Tara, textiles and apparel Moron, Villena and sons

Pitres; Aremacotrans, S.L.

Holland; BEJO druk in print (NL. Beverkoog/Alkmaar), Ruud Legdeur.nl, StudioWoude07, Klein Schiphorst design

We also want to collaborate with the Association Aldaima, the Association “Enjoy without barriers”, with Jesse and Laura’s “Vacation therapy“, the Montessori school, free school.

Thanks a lot! for every support and help.

Please do continue to help us;

Donation of materials or financial participation this week.

volunteer membership €15, – (€ 25, – partner family)

La Caixa; Project is – ES42 2100 2505 0102 1010 9994.

For more information, email; info@proyectoesta.org or by phone (+ 34) 699 040 867.